"We think that manufacturers should have control over valuable products,

even after they´ve been sold for the first time. With our API, we bring the products

back to their place of origin and enable manufacturers to control the lifetime value."

 - Martin Hofmann, CEO -


We offer an API, which can easily be integrated into any existing online shop. It adds the possibilitiy for your customers, to offer still valuable products in the shop of their origin.

In essence: they sell their old products, to buy your new ones.

LOOPSale is a brand controlled second hand market place for products that are still valuable but are unused or unwanted. It increases traffic, revenue, brand control and your potential customer base. We call this: Value reloaded.


In the next release of our LOOPSale API we want to provide manufacturers to complement their LOOPSale offering in brick & mortar stores. Customers can then sell their products in permanent retail stores, buy new products and get the cashback, as soon as their old product has been sold.

In addition, we will implement "value add" functionality. If a product is damaged and needs spare part to be fixed, it will automatically be offered by the LOOPSale API. Simple, right?